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We recruit entry-level positions in the Supply (Culinary & Logistics, Deck and Engine departments. Oftentimes mariners with skill-sets suited for other departments apply for these positions. Our flexible career paths allow qualified employees to compete for their desired department, once the right position becomes available.

The mission will take you all over the globe while offering federal job security, hands-on training, and career advancement opportunities. Other advantages include diversity of fleet and platforms, overtime pay, flexible career paths, service to country and the camaraderie that comes with life at sea.

Applicants to the Any Entry Level position will be assigned to one of three positions - SU, OS (OSAP) or Wiper (WAP). Participants in the OSAP or WAP programs will receive on-the-job training and work experience and become eligible for higher level certifications. Upon completion of OSAP or WAP program requirements, participants will become eligible for consideration for permanent promotion from Wiper to Engine Utilityman (EU) or Ordinary Seaman to Able Seaman (AB). Selection will be contingent on the successful completion of an administrative review (medical, security, discipline, etc.), and a review of supervisory evaluations and input regarding performance and readiness for permanent promotion. An authorized position must be available in order for the promotion to be affected. Individuals who fail to complete the requirements of this program within their not-to-exceed date may be terminated from MSC employment or be reassigned to the position of Supply Utilityman based on the needs of the Command.


While it is not required, gaining sea-going experience will improve your chances of being selected for MSC employment. Visit our Training School page to find schools in your area. You may also consider enrolling to build additional maritime skill-sets.

Job Requirements
There are a few things to address before you apply:

1. Start the Process by creating your pre-application profile, this will allow us to better assist you and keep you informed.
2. Request your History of Assignments and records of any maritime related courses you’ve completed. This will help you communicate your skills
and experience as you move through the application process.
3. Obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) and/or Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC). The TWIC will be
required in order to apply for your MMC. Find TWIC office locations.
4. Obtain a U.S. Tourist Passport. This is different than your military issued passport.
5. Obtain your Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). Download the MMC application and submit to the U.S. Coast Guard to review your maritime
experience and endorse you for certain levels of responsibility.

Once you have your MMC, and valid U.S. Tourist Passport, you’re ready to continue through the application process.
Anna Connor

Alexandria VA 22311
United States

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