Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap
401 E Braddock Rd
Alexandria , VA 22301
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required

Job Description

Accountable To: All FOH Managers, Chefs, Hourly Supervisors, YRG Members

Position Summary

Provide engaging interaction to dining guests while managing timely service, quality-assured food and beverages, and ensuring every guest leaves having had an extraordinary experience during their visit. Servers are expected to be attentive to our guests needs at all times and to succeed in making them feel welcome, comfortable, important and relaxed.

Core Responsibilities

  • Adherence to and successful execution of all standards, procedures and protocols described in the YATES RESTAURANT GROUP Team Member Handbook and Host Manual.
  • Compliance with company rules and regulations without exception
  • Arrive to work on time and in proper attire. Absences and tardiness should be rare, and always communicated to management as far ahead of time as possible (minimum of 3 hours before your scheduled in-time)
  • Adhere to company grooming and appearance standards
  • Complete all assigned opening, closing and running sidework in a timely and thorough manner.
  • Take excellent care of all guests, without exception. This includes assessing the needs of each guest you encounter, assuring the quality of our products and services and evaluating guest satisfaction.
  • Interact with all guests in an engaging and welcoming fashion, establishing yourself as a positive representation of the YATES RESTAURANT GROUP brand and that of your specific restaurant.
  • Consistent communication with your teammates and management team to ensure critical information is relayed efficiently as needed. Inform management immediately any time a guest is displeased.
  • Establish and maintain a constructive and cooperative working relationship with your teammates and managers, both in the Front and Back of House.
  • Help to build and maintain a team-oriented environment in the workplace by bringing a consistent work ethic and participation level to every shift.
  • Observe body language, inflection and responses of our guests to gauge their experience with us during their visit. Gather information as needed to assure guest satisfaction.
  • Always grant guests the right away ahead of you or other team members.
  • Wish guests a nice night or provide other salutations as they leave the restaurant.
  • Comply with company policies and treat others with respect. Handle yourself in an ethical and professional manner at all times.
  • Adhere to directives and complete requested tasks made by managers. If you disagree with a request, address privately with a manager you are comfortable talking to after your shift.
  • Think critically to solve problems as they arrive. Consolidate your activities and steps of service to save unnecessary additional trips.
  • Recognize if you are overwhelmed with your responsibilities and communicate to a manager or fellow teammate for assistance.
  • Operate with awareness of and care for all guests around you, not just those in your assigned section.
  • Pick up shifts for others in your department when possible if the need arises.
  • Consistently assist your teammates with their own responsibilities anytime they are busy and you are not.

· Deliver timely results for any requests made my management to help other departments in the restaurant with a positive attitude.

  • Always put guest happiness and the success of the restaurant team as a whole above that of your own.

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Greets guests in a friendly and courteous manner. Opens door for departing guests when possible.
  • Manages reservations using the established reservation system and ensures accurate information of guest information into our database during each booking.
  • Provides guests who cannot be seated immediately with accurate wait times, always in a pleasant fashion and while taking care to listen to the guest and ensure they are at ease with the response.
  • Communicates special events/requests to managers and appropriate team members in a timely fashion.
  • Maintains knowledge of menu items, restaurant promotions, hours of operation, basic knowledge of the neighborhood, parking availability, restaurant address/telephone info, contacts to relay messages, etc.
  • Consistently performs opening, closing and running sidework including, but not limited to: cleaning of menus, organization of host stand, coat check closets, storage areas, cleaning of storefront windows or doors, regular checking and maintenance of restrooms, etc.
  • Regularly checks voicemail system for messages, takes accurate messages from incoming callers, and relays these to the proper management personnel.
  • Explains restaurant concept to guest and is aware of YATES RESTAURANT GROUP’s various other brands, locations, and history.
  • Accommodates special guest requests as appropriate, involving managers when necessary.
  • Takes care not to walk far ahead of guests, and is engaging with conversation while leading to tables.
  • Ensures that guests are never led to approach a table until it is fully set. Waits until all guests are seated before distributing menus.
  • Thanks guests as they leave and invites them to return. Relays guest comments or suggestions to manager on duty, and offers to introduce guests to a manager when appropriate.
Job Requirements
High school diploma or GED are preferred, but not required. Previous experience as a server is preferred, but not required. Must speak English fluently and be able to write in basic English. Must be able to work well under pressure and be self-motivated. Must have good organizational, time management and sales skills. Good communication skills—both written and verbal. Must be dependable, reliable and be driven with minimal supervision. Must possess a high level of awareness, attention to detail and follow-through. Must be both effective and efficient at multi-tasking in pressure situations.

Physical & Cognitive Requirements
Position requires sitting, handling, eye-hand coordination, stooping, kneeling, and walking/standing for multiple hours in succession. This position may on occasion require the lifting, carrying, pulling or pushing of up to approximately 21-50lbs. Must be able to withstand changes to temperature, occasional smoke, steam and heat. Must be able to work in a confined area for multiple hours in succession.

Must be able to reach with hands and arms, talk and hear effectively with surrounding background noise. Vision requirements include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus. Must possess adequate sensory abilities to observe and detect emergency situations, distinguish product taste, texture, temperature, presentation and preparation. Must be able to add, subtract, multiple and divide at a basic level.

401 E Braddock Rd
Alexandria VA 22301
United States

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