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1488 Wales Avenue
Baldwin 11510
United States
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Precision provides compassionate Certified Nursing Assistants to disabled employees in the Alexandria Virginia area. Join our team where you will be responsible for assisting disabled employees in all normal activities of daily living (ADLs) while at work including, eating, transferring and toileting in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort.

We support of employees with physical, cognitive, and/or mobility impairments, to include:
- Assisting with letters, phone calls, picking up mail, and retrieving emails or other printed
information from the printer.
- Adjusting, manipulating, or operating the employee’s work station and equipment/technology (e.g., inserting PIV card, moving monitors, moving furniture,
- Personal Assistance Services Request for
retrieving documents from a copier, physically locating and arranging case files at employee’s work
station, etc.);

Must hold a Virginia certification as a CNA with two years experience.